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The Southwest Finland Foresight Academy (Ennakointiakatemia in Finnish) can be seen as a collaboration network which operates across boundaries between professions and industries in order to bring together the resources available for forecasting and foreseeing the regional competence and educational needs. Furthermore, the aim of the Foresight Academy is to increase the competence level of the businesses and educational organizations operating in Southwest Finland in forecasting the future competence and educational needs as well as to promote the availability and utilization of the foresight data related to the future prospects of the regional businesses. This development work is pioneered by the businesses of the regional spearhead clusters (e.g. maritime, manufacturing and software industries, welfare services). At the regional level, reacting to the changes in working life requires a shared perception and close dialogue between the industrial life and educational organizations.

The Foresight Academy develops a systematic method, based on network collaboration, for forecasting the competence required of future workforce. This method will enable educational organization needs a changenizations to flexibly react to the signals from working life regarding their labour needs.

The Southwest Finland Foresight Academy also conducts national collaboration in regional networks of foresight working groups and participates in international knowledge and experience exchange.